The goal of the project is to reconstruct the Imperial Spa building and open it for the public at its best and uniqueness. The most suitable purpose of the reconstructed building seems to be the social-culture center for the unique artistic works and craft works preservation.

After the reconstruction of the Imperial Spa building following facilities will be available:

  • Museum of spa and Karlovy Vary region
  • Museum of International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, eventually film
  • Multifunctional social – culture hall
  • Balneology center with the library  - study for expert public
  • Information center of Karlovy Vary city and Karlovy Vary region

The main target of the reconstruction will be the stuccos, stone columns, pilasters, tiles and all the decoration elements. Whereas the Imperial Spa was declared the national historic landmark the main use reconstruction method will be restoration. In case restoration of aperture fittings is not possible, they will be replaced with the replicas of the same shape and material. At the same time the roof tiles will be replaced with identic copies and all the metalwork decorative elements will be reused.  After the revitalization process the whole building will be wheelchair accessible thank to the inbuilt elevators. The visitors will be provided with the full service with the possibility of refreshment in the planned coffee shop.

Specification of the future state

Museum of spa and Karlovy Vary region

The goal of the museum exposition will be to introduce the visitors the history, present and the importance of Karlovy Vary, regional and European spa as well as Karlovy Vary region itself.


Museum of International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, eventually film

Karlovy Vary belongs to the cities with the longest film tradition in the Czech Republic – the first public film screening in the Czech lands took place in 1896. The second oldest film festival International Film Festival Karlovy Vary- Mariánské Lázně was established on August 8, 1946, the first was established in Venice in 1932. Also there have been filmed more than one hundred Czech and foreign films. The project is aimed at the city film promotion, the strengthening of the city marketing and at increase of the tourist visits all year round by offering of very attractive product.   The film tourism is quite new and prestigious sector on the field of tourism and it is the high time for Karlovy Vary to engage. Other specialized film festivals like Tourfilm or Fresh Film Fest with international publicity are also very attractive for tourists and media.

Multifunctional social – culture hall

Multifunctional hall will be built into the court of horseshoe shape which has not been used before. In surrounding areas around the hall there will be built rooms for performers, operational facilities, director´s room, interpreting booths and sanitary facilities for the staff and the visitors.

The hall will be used for these purposes:

  • Symphonic orchestra and chamber ensemble concerts
  • Cinema
  • Balls, company parties, fashion shows, company presentations, the awards, etc.
  • Conventions, seminars, workshops
  • Etc.

Balneology center with the library

It will contain extremely valuable prints older than 300 years. The collection will be unique not only because of its age, but also because of its composition of not only Czech, but also Latin and German prints. Most of the books have been digitalized. All the collection has extreme historical value in Europe-wide scale.  

Information center of Karlovy Vary city and Karlovy Vary region

The center will serve not only for the needs of Karlovy Vary region, but also for Karlovy Vary city. Among provided services will belong primary information about the city, the region, their history, further the information about culture and social events, accommodation and others in the frame of the region.