The Revitalization of the Císařské lázně building was started In December 2019.

The Imperial Spa has been the protected monument by The National Heritage Institute already since 1958. Within the Spa Triangle the Imperial Spa as the part of the historical center of Karlovy Vary was listed on the World Heritage UNESCO Indicative list of the most important localities in the Czech Republic. 

Karlovy Vary region acquired the Imperial Spa in 2008 and started the process of revitalization. The main goal is to reconstruct the building and make it available to the public again. The building will not provide the services originally intended (complete spa treatment services), but becomes social – culture center.

In June 2009 there was carried out construction engineering research aimed at contemporary condition of mentioned building and providing materials for the future construction works. The research shows that the building suffers from excessive humidity in the basement and the must undergo challenging reconstruction and remediation. Interiors, valuable artistic objects and craft objects must be restored. The Association of legal entities Císařské lázně was established, the founders was Karlovy Vary region and the Karlovy Vary city. The tender for construction works design was announced and evaluated. The renowned architecture company Intar a.s. won the tender and already began with the design works. 

The Imperial Spa was declared National Historic Landmark in 2010 and in summer it was partly opened for public after long years. 

The construction works design was finished and submitted in 2011and the building permit was issued. At the same time the councils of Karlovy Vary region and Karlovy Vary city decided and approved the method of the Imperial Spa revitalization financing. Another tender for the construction provider was announced and simultaneously the application for a grant from the Integrated Operational Program was submitted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Partial repairs of roof cupola slate shell have been carried out this year with the financial support of the Program for preservation of architectural heritage.

In 2012 the tender for contractor was concluded and the results of grant procedure from the Integrated Operational Program were announced, the project The Imperial Spa – national historic landmark -   revitalization was indicated as a standby project according to the fact, that the financial allocation for this program was lower than the sum necessary for finishing all the projects successful within this program.

Currently there is negotiated possible reallocation of unspent funds provided by EU which would not be spent. The purpose of this action is to reallocate the funds to the ministries which have approved the projects but do not have enough funds. 

The above mentioned information indicates that the project The Imperial Spa – national historic landmark -   revitalization is prepared for immediate implementation if the mentioned funds for co-financing are provided.